Friday, January 21, 2011

Tim Lincecum - The 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time, GQ Magazine 2/11


In the February issue of GQ Magazine, they compiled a list of "The 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time," and guess which Giant made the list? Yup, #55, Tim Lincecum! Timmy joins a pretty cool list of athletes that stretches generations and all sports. GQ didn't rank the athletes, but just simply listed them - I guess we can debate who #1 is, but I guess they might have their opinion considering that Joe Namath was on the cover.

Here's their entire list, in order of appearance in the spread ...

Joe Namath - football
Mario Andretti - auto racing
Allen Iverson - basketball
Bjorn Borg - tennis
Arthur Ashe - tennis
Pele - soccer
Walt Frazier - basketball
Evel Knievel - extreme
Jean-Claude Kelly - skiing
Pete Maravich - basketball
Tom Brady - football
Muhammad Ali - boxing
Julius Erving - basketball
Bob Gibson - baseball
Bo Jackson - football/baseball
Arnold Palmer - golf
George Best - soccer
Derek Sanderson - hockey
TIM LINCECUM - baseball
Kenny Stabler - football
Michael Jordan - basketball
Gary Player - golf
Ted Turner - yatchsman
Jim Brown - football
Kelly Slater - surfer

* So apparently there are nine different cover photos being used for this GQ issue. I'm guessing it's based on geography, but not sure why someone in SoCal would get Joe Namath. Anyways, here are the other athletes depicted on the cover:

Muhammad Ali
Bjorn Borg
Tom Brady
Julius Erving
Michael Jordon
Tim Lincecum
Arnold Palmer
Kelly Slater,
Joe Namath (below)

Joe Namath - GQ Magazine, February 2011

Tim Lincecum

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InnerMysteries said...

Is anyone surprised about Tim Lincecum? Even those of you from opposing baseball teams? I only became aware of Tim this past September and I knew when I saw him pitch, that he was the best baseball pitcher I'd seen in my life, and I'm 57. Way To Go, Timmy!