Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's bowl season ... who are the Giants rooting for?


A number of the Giants will have a vested interest in this year's college bowl season. I made two lists below that represents players and coaches whose alma mater are either in or out of the bowl games. Now, for some on the out list, a football program doesn't even exist for their school.

Yeah, my school is bowlin'!
Fresno State (Humanitarian: Northern Illinois 40,  Fresno State 17) - Mark Gardner
Washington (Holiday: Nebraska 7, Washington 19) - Tim Lincecum
Miami (Sun: Notre Dame 33, Miami 17) - Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell
Florida State (Chick-fil-A: South Carolina 17, Florida State 26) - Buster Posey, Bruce Bochy
Oklahoma (Fiesta: Connecticut 20  v. Oklahoma 48) - Ryan Rohlinger
LSU (Cotton: Texas A&M 24 v. LSU 41) - Brian Wilson, Mike Fontenot

Hmmm, my school is known for our baseball program :(
CS Fullerton: Aaron Rowand
UC Riverside: Dan Runzler
Pennsylvania: Mark DeRosa
Virginia: Javier Lopez
UCSB/USC: Barry Zito
Delta State: Eli Whiteside
Kent State: Emmanuel Burriss
Chapman: Tim Flannery

The Winners

Washington Huskies - Tim Lincecum

Florida State Seminoles - Buster Posey, Bruce Bochy

Oklahoma Sooners - Ryan Rohlinger

LSU Tigers - Brian Wilson, Mike Fontenot

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