Friday, January 28, 2011

Is Brian Wilson's schtick getting old?

Look, I love the Giants, always have and always will. But, is Brian Wilson's schtick of trying to be ultra-cool and clever getting a bit old? For example, his appearance last night on the George Lopez Show was an utter complete embarrassment. I actually felt bad for Brian. He really looked stupid and tried really hard to be cool and different.

I enjoy watching Brian close games for the Giants, but he's a ballplayer, not an actor or an animation character. Quite frankly, I think all of this attention is getting to his head, and his handlers are trying to milk this for him as much as possible. Dude! Just concentrate on pitching and quit all of the side antics. I can tell you this much, if he has a blown save early in the season, everyone and I mean everyone is going to say the same thing - quit the B.S. and focus on your job.

What do you think?

Brian Wilson on the George Lopez Show

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