Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Former SF Giants in the Postseason

It's always interesting to note which former Giants make it to the postseason with their new or current teams. So, with that said, we digged around and identified these former Giants that are or were in the 2013 MLB Postseason.

  • Carlos Beltran (Cardinals), SF Giants in 2011
  • Mike Matheny (Cardinals - Manager), SF Giants in 2005-06
  • Bengie Molina (Cardinals - Asst. Hitting Coach), SF Giants in 2007-10
  • Mike Aldrete (Cardinals - Bench Coach), SF Giants in 1986-88
  • Brian Wilson (Dodgers), SF Giants in 2006-12
  • Juan Uribe (Dodgers), SF Giants in 2009-10
  • Bob Melvin (A's - Manager), SF Giants in 1986-88
  • Chili Davis (A's - Hitting Coach), SF Giants in 1981-87
  • Jamey Wright (Rays), SF Giants in 2006
  • Dave Martinez (Rays - Bench Coach), SF Giants in 1993-94
We didn't located anyone from the Pirates, Red Sox, Tigers, and Braves rosters that formerly played for San Francisco. For those of you that might mention Jason Grilli of the Pirates, he played in the Giants farm system, but never made it to the big club.