Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barry Zito: what will the SF Giants do with him?

As we write this post, Barry Zito and the Giants are down 0-5 to the Cincinnati Reds ... folks, this isn't pretty and it's getting uglier with each Zito outing. The question then becomes, what will the Giants do with Zito? Trade him - will any team want his huge contract? Send him to a bullpen that's already solidified? Send him to the minors to regain his form - we already tried that one? Or just flat out release him and eat (gulp) the remaining $46 million left on his contract after the 2011 season?

Zito is due to earn $19 million in 2012, $20M in 2013, and $7M buyout in 2014. That's a lot of cha-cha bowls!

As of date the biggest contract to be released by a Major League club was in 2006, when the Arizona Diamondbacks unloaded Russ Ortiz (former Giant) and his $22 million contract. If the Giants were to release Zito it would dwarf what the D'backs unloaded and would set a new record by over 100%!

With Jonathan Sanchez due to return, this question of what to do with Zito is likely coming to a head, and it doesn't look good.

If you were leading the Giants club, what would you do?

Barry Zito in the August 2011 issue of GQ

Barry Zito modeling for True Religion

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saying goodbye to some players for 2012

We took a glance at some contracts that expire after the 2011 season, and we project that these players will not be resigned or in the case of Jonathan Sanchez will be traded before the 2012 season. While the savings will amount to $27.8 million, the net gain will be $17.3 million due to built-in raises to a number of players for 2012. Plus Lincecum will go to arbitration after this season as well.

Miguel Tejada $6.5 million
Cody Ross $6.3 million
Mark DeRosa $6 million
Jonathan Sanchez $4.8 million
Andres Torres $2.2 million
Mike Fontenot $1.05 million
Pat Burrell $1 million

Where the boys are ...

We frequently get asked where do the Giants hang out when they're away from the ballpark. So we did some checking around and verified some of the establishments in the City that players frequent.

  • Tipsy Pig - we all know that this is the place that Pat the Bat loves to hangout, but several other players have been here.
  • Delerosa - it's a casual pizza/pasta joint on Chestnut Street, and Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum, and Burrell have dined here, usually after a day game.
  • Pete's Tavern - the sports bar across the street from the ballpark, Jonathan Sanchez will often have a drink here after some games, and even Lou Seal (out of costume) will throw some back here as well.
  • Michael Mina - an upscale restaurant that Barry Zito frequents.
  • Gary Danko - one of the most posh restaurants in the City, Brian Wilson has publicly praised G.D.
  • Hooter's San Bruno - yeah, I know it's not in the City, but it's near the home of Pablo Sandoval. Yes, the Panda is a Hooter's fan and has been seen here with Andres Torres too.
If you know of other places, list them under the comments section.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sergio Romo to greet kids on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at Dept. of Public Health

SF Giants middle reliever, Sergio Romo, will be on hand at the Department of Public Health on Tuesday, Aug. 2, for kids who get their whooping cough booster shot. Kids within the the SFUSD are required to have the booster shot before Sept. 15.

Sergio Romo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is the Giants front office reading the Sons of Johnnie LeMaster? We think so.

Back in March of this year, we posted a blog about the seagulls problem at AT&T Park and the havoc they cause during games to fans that pay good money to attend games. Apparently the sellout crowds are not too pleased with the 'gulls interfering with their ability to watch our first place Giants. So it looks like the Giants front office is FINALLY going to take our solution to heart and implement it at the yard based on the Mercury News story (see attached link)

To quote Brian Wilson, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Mercury News link

Sons of Johnnie LeMaster - March story on seagulls

Today is the 24th anniversary of Johnnie LeMaster's last game

On July 28, 1987, Johnnie LeMaster played his last game in the Major Leagues as a member of the Oakland A's. The game was played at the Oakland Coliseum and the A's lost to the Angels, 9-2. Johnnie started the game at second base and batted ninth in the lineup. On this day, Johnnie was 1-for-3, but his season batting average was just .083. On the very next day, the Oakland A's released Johnnie, and that ended his tenure with the Athletics. Later that year, the White Sox signed him, but he struggled in AAA and eventually retired from baseball.

Johnnie LeMaster as a member of the Oakland A's

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Carlos Beltran!

We think Carlos is gonna look good in the orange & black!

Carlos Beltran

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worse contracts in SF Giants history


As the trade deadline nears, we couldn't help but think of some the "bad" contracts the SF Giants signed in years past. So we compiled a list of some of the worst. We didn't rank them, because quite frankly, each bad contract stands out. So we'll leave the ranking of the "worst contract" to you, the readers. Soooo, here's our list ...

Barry Zito (7 yrs, $126 million + plus club option for $16 million or $7 million buyout, 2007-13)
Aubrey Huff (2 yrs, $20 million + $2 million buyout for 2013, 2011-12)
Aaron Rowand (5 yrs, $60 million, 2008-2012, released in September '11)
Ray Durham (second contract signed in 2006: 2 yrs, $14.5 million, 2007-08, traded in '08)
Armando Benitez (3 yrs, $21 million, 2005-07, traded in '07)
Edgardo Alfonzo (4 yrs, $26 million, 2003-05, traded in '05)
Marvin Benard (3 yrs, $11.1 million, 2001-03)
Dave Roberts (3 yrs, $18 million: 2007-09, released in '09)
Matt Morris (3 yrs, $27 million: 2006-09, traded in '07)
Brett Tomko (2 yrs, $4.5 million: 2004-05)
Rich Aurilia (second contract with the club: 2 yrs, $8 million: 2007-08)
Miguel Tejada (1 yr, $6.5 million: 2011)
Rennie Stennet (5 yrs, $3 million: 1980-84, released in '82)
Mark DeRosa (2 yrs, $12 million: 2010-11)

Armando Benitez: SF Giants 2005-07

Marvin Benard: SF Giants 2001-03

Rennie Stennett: SF Giants 1980-82

Brian Wilson, pre-beard years

We found some pics of Brian Wilson before he started growing out his beard. What do you think? Do you like him with or without the beard?

2006: Wilson impersonating Billy Idol during Spring Training's Rookie Idol contest

2007: Brian Wilson at Spring Training, his first experiment with a low cut beard

2008: Brian Wilson's first full year as the Giants closer - Fear the Soul Patch?