Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Sons of Johnnie LeMaster Shirt Giveaway

For our 2015 shirt, we're going to do something different. We're going to giveaway the bulk of shirts during Marty Lurie's KNBR pre-game show at the Public House's patio on Saturday, May 2. Unlike previous years, we're not going to ship any shirts - quite frankly, we spend a good chunk of change on the shirts, and the shipping costs and time spent packaging the shirts were becoming a pass in the ass.

Soooo, if you want a 2015 shirt, head over to the patio on Saturday, May 2, and Marty will decide who receives one of our coveted tees for this year. We plan on having 30+ shirts to giveaway, so odds are good if you're there you might receive one.

On Friday, May 1, we'll post what the design of the shirt looks like - from the initial reaction of our focus group, this tee is going to be one of our all time greats.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPDATED: Attendance Records at AT&T Park

We were checking the season ending attendance (tickets sold) record for AT&T Park last year, and surprisingly it only ranked fourth-fifth-best in the park's history. While we expect the tickets sold number to easily surpass 3.3 million for this season, the numbers from the turnstiles will reflect differently.

Ranked attendance records

  1. 2011: 3,387,703 (avg: 41,823)
  2. 2012: 3,377,371 (avg: 41,695) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON
  3. 2015: 3,375,882 (avg. 41,678)
  4. 2013: 3,369,106 (avg: 41,593)
  5. 2014: 3,368,697 (avg. 41,589) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON
  6. 2000: 3,318,800 (avg: 40,973)
  7. 2001: 3,311,958 (avg: 40,888)
  8. 2003: 3,264,898 (avg: 40,307) DIVISIONAL SERIES APPEARANCE
  9. 2004: 3,256,854 (avg: 40,208)
  10. 2002: 3,253,203 (avg: 40,163) WORLD SERIES APPEARANCE
  11. 2007: 3,223,215 (avg: 39,793)
  12. 2005: 3,181,023 (avg: 39,272)
  13. 2006: 3,130,023 (avg: 38,646)
  14. 2010: 3,037,443 (avg: 37,499) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON
  15. 2008: 2,863,837 (avg: 35,356)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bobby Evans, Who Are You? Who, Who ... Who, Who.

The first two weeks of a season is never a bell weather for what's to come, but it shouldn't be ignored either. A 3-6 record is never going to appease the faithful, especially as the defending champs. We all know that the window for the Giants to win another crown is officially on the clock.

When the season started without Pablo Sandoval and Mike Morse, we knew this could be a trying year. Coupled with Hunter Pence on the DL only magnified how myopic this offense was going to be.

So the question begs to be asked, what will the newly promoted general manager Bobby Evans do if the slide continues? Does Bobby have carte blanche authority or will Sabey Sabes continue to enforce his opinion, will and approval on any roster moves? We think it's the latter. Can't picture Bobby pulling a gutsy trade like Sabes did back in 1996, when home grown favorite Matt Williams was traded to the Indians. The trade did yield future MVP and All Star, Jeff Kent, Julian Tavarez and "Jose Vizcaino" (in our best Harry Kalas voice).

Clearly we need to fortify this roster, but will Bobby have the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger? Time will tell. Bobby, you're on the clock.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We Will Never Bad Mouth Pablo Sandoval

Two weeks into the 2015 season, and we get to see Casey McGehee and Matt Duffy play third base for the Gmen. Across the country in Boston, we see Pablo Sandoval suiting up for the Red Sox in Fenway Park. In recent weeks, a lot has been said about Pablo from San Francisco fans, most of it has been negative. Perhaps some of the ill will is of Pablo's doing based on several media reports indicating he planned on leaving the Giants regardless of the offers and overtures made in the off season. 

Regardless, we cannot and will not ever speak poorly of Pablo. How can we? You must first understand, we endured seasons with Rennie Stennett, Champ Summers, Tracy Jones, Mike Ivie, Enos Cabell, Al Oliver, Manny Trillo, Chris Brown, Mike Bengamin, Edgardo Alfonzo, Jose Castillo, and Brian Bocock in the lineup. 

For the longest time, we never thought we would ever a single world championship in San Francisco ever happen. Then the magical season of the 2010 graced us, followed by an incredible 2012 season, matched only by an improbable 2014 season. Pablo was a key member of the club of all of those three seasons, and for that, he has immunity in our book - that means no booing or bad comments. Some day, he'll return to AT&T Park, and when he does, we'll stand cheering for him loudly because he delivered three world championships that we thought we would ever see.

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