Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 World Series Logo

We always find it interesting to see how the World Series logo changes year-to-year, and this year's logo still maintains the fall leaves that were included in last year's logo, but the abundant use of green hues are gone. Nevertheless, we think it still would look kinda cool on a SF Giants lid (crossing our fingers!).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Duane Kuiper's Home Run Anniversary

On August 29, 1977, Duane Kuiper belted his only career home run against the Chicago White Sox at the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. In fact, years later, Duane obtained the seat in which his home run ball hit when it went into the stands.

* A hat tip to one of our Twitter followers, @txbtxb, for reminding us of Duane's anniversary. Thanks!

Duane Kuiper

Matt Cain's Major League Debut Anniversary

On Aug. 29, 2005, Matt Cain made his first Major League start versus Colorado. Cainer gave up 3 hits and 2 runs in 5 innings of work and ended up being the losing pitcher of record.

2002 Bowman

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Postseason Ticket Pricing

In addition to the postseason schedule being released today by the Giants, they also released postseason ticket pricing for the entire postseason - should the Giants advance.

SF Giants Release Tentative Postseason Schedule

This afternoon, the Giants distributed an e-mail to all season ticketholders announcing the 2012 tentative postseason schedule and the pricing for the postseason ticket strips. All season ticketholders have until September 12 to make their full payment. At first glance, it's interesting to note that if the Giants make it to the postseason, there might be some games in which they would conflict as some of 49ers home games at the 'Stick.



Giants 2012 Postseason Tentative Schedule

(Dates are subject to change)


Wild Card

Friday October 5th NL Wild Card Game  

Divisional Series  

 NLDS A (Non-Wild Card Series)   
  Saturday October 6th NLDS Game 1    
  Sunday October 7th NLDS Game 2   
  Tuesday October 9th NLDS Game 3    
  Wednesday October 10th NLDS Game 4    
 Thursday October 11th NLDS Game 5     

NLDS B (Involves Wild Card)  
Sunday October 7th NLDS Game 1 
Monday October 8th NLDS Game 2  
Wednesday October 10th NLDS Game 3 
Thursday October 11th NLDS Game 4  
Friday October 12th NLDS Game 5 

Championship Series   

  Sunday October 14th NLCS Game 1  
  Monday October 15th NLCS Game 2  
  Wednesday October 17th NLCS Game 3  
  Thursday October 18th NLCS Game 4  
  Friday October 19th NLCS Game 5  
  Sunday October 21st NLCS Game 6  
  Monday October 22nd NLCS Game 7  

World Series  

  Wednesday October 24th AL at NL WS Game 1  
  Thursday October 25th AL at NL WS Game 2  
  Saturday October 27th NL at AL WS Game 3  
  Sunday October 28th NL at AL WS Game 4  
  Monday October 29th NL at AL WS Game 5  
  Wednesday October 31st AL at NL WS Game 6  
  Thursday November 1st AL at NL WS Game 7  

*Game and times will be announced once all Postseason standing has been determined

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melk's Expiration Date was Today

Where does one begin? We were disappointed when news broke of Melky's suspension from testing positive to testosterone. We like so many of the Giants faithful felt disbelief, heartache, and sadness. Having Melky admit and apologize for his use of PEDs probably brings to full circle why he even used PEDs in the first place. After his dismal 2010 season with the Atlanta Braves, he probably felt it was worth the risk to use PEDs and put up numbers that would revive his career and garner his first big-time contract.  We're not gonna lie, if we were in his shoes, we might consider the same thing - it's basic human nature, do what you can to survive. Was his decision right, no, of course not. However, desperate times call for desperate actions .... and that's what we have here.

Melky isn't the first player to be caught, and he certainly will not be the last ... others will follow form in due time - human behavior and instinct does not change. The question then becomes what will happen to the team now? The players, just like the fans are in shock, but they now control their own destiny. The season can easily fold this weekend in San Diego or they can rally amongst themselves and take the "us versus the world" mentality and go out fighting every single day. We guess, we'll find out on Friday which route they've chosen. If the team decides to continue the good fight, others must rise and take on greater responsibility and produce at a high level - this is the only way they can achieve their goals.

As for the future of Melky and the Giants - it's over. We do not envision the club trying to sign Melky once the season ends. The bridge has been destroyed and will not be rebuilt ... this hit the front office and coaches hard, and as the saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me." The Giants have too much to risk for them to resign Melky, you can bet he will be with another team next season.

For those of you that purchased Melky shirts, jerseys, caps, and every other merchandise item that had Melky on it ... we feel your pain. We even printed t-shirts to have him resigned ... lesson learned for us.

For now, we will continue supporting the club and the players that remain, they need the fans support more than ever, and that's what we plan to do when we attend the games this weekend in San Diego.

Go Giants!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tips for Visiting Petco Park

It has come to our attention that a HUGE contingent of SF Giants fans are making the trek down to San Diego to attend the Giants series on August 17-19. Since a few of us here at the Sons of Johnnie LeMaster have attended games in San Diego, we thought we share some tips.

Travel: First and foremost, get a hotel room in the Gaslamp Quarter, preferably near the ballpark ... there are a ton of hotel properties to choose from. So avoid staying in Mission Valley, Mission Bay, La Jolla or anywhere else not in the Gaslamp. Trust us, it will be much easier for you to just walk to the ballpark from your hotel in the Gaslamp. If money is no object, we highly recommend the Hard Rock Hotel, which is exactly one block from Petco Park ... the rooms at HRH do not disappoint, plus the onsite bars are the place to be on the weekends - don't be surprised to see a few of the players there too. The other place we recommend is the Omni Hotel, which actually has an adjoining bridge to Petco Park. It's also the hotel the Giants have been staying on recent trips. Other name brand hotels are nearby and should be considered as well.

The Gaslamp Quarter is also very close to the airport, so just cab it to your hotel. There is no need to rent a car, plus parking costs are usually $30+ per night at  the hotels.

Restaurants & Bars: Another reason to have a hotel room in the Gaslamp is the abundant food and drink establishments all within walking distance. Some of our favorite restaurants include Acqua Al 2 Ristorante, Osteria Panevino, Lou & Mickeys, and Nobu (inside the Hard Rock Hotel). However, the Gaslamp is really known for some great drinking establishments and some of the best are right near the ballpark. Places to try are The Field, Nicky Rotten's Bar & Burger Joint, Dick's Last Resort,  The Tipsy Crow, and "207" in the Hard Rock Hotel.

For breakfast, there are only four place you need to know ... Cafe 222 (get there early), The Broken Yolk, Richard's Pancakes, and Mary Jane's. All are excellent, you will not be disappointed.

Tickets: Even if you're planning a last minute trip, you shouldn't have a problem getting tickets either from the Padres or secondary market. Plus, where ever you sit, you will be surrounded by Giants fans. Our favorite location is behind the Giants dugout in section 106 or 108, but in all honestly, there isn't a bad seat in the house. We are not joking when we say that Petco Park becomes AT&T Park South when the Giants are in town.

Meeting the Team: One of the great things about traveling to a Giants road game is that you will see members of the team walking around town. San Diego is perhaps the best example of that. If you want to get an autograph or photo, just hangout by the players entrance by the west side of the stadium (facing the Omni Hotel) and you will definitely see them and the broadcasters as they enter and leave the stadium.

Gaslamp Quarter

Hard Rock Hotel (Petco Park to the right) - our favorite SD hotel

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Could It Be the Shoes and Hat?

We were wondering what was causing Lincecum's pitching woes for the last two seasons ... could it be confidence, mechanics, stamina, strength, conditioning, focus, or his comfort level with Posey? Perhaps it could be one or all of those things, but alas we might have identified the sources of his struggles. It's his shoes and baseball cap. Ever since he got called up to the Bigs, Lincecum wore Reebok cleats, than after the 2010 World Championship season Timmy switched over to Nike. The same applied to his cap, he wore the same cap from the day he got called up through the end of the 2010 season - Hank Schulman even wrote a short story regarding his cap too.

So our recommendation to Timmy ... go back to wearing Reebok cleats and find your old SF cap and wear that baby too!

Lincecum in 2010 with old cap.

Lincecum sporting his Reebok kicks.