Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who Are the Nicest SF Giants You've Ever Met?

We asked a question a few weeks ago on Twitter and received a number of responses, but we felt we should expand on our initial inquiry. Who are the nicest Giants you've met in person while they were playing for San Francisco, either at the yard or elsewhere?

Here's our list, what is yours?

  • Tom O'Malley - our 1st autograph ever!
  • Jeff Brantley - asked him to sign one card, he noticed we had a stack of his cards, and then proceeded to sign all of them.
  • Brett Butler - always made time for fans, broke our hearts when he signed with LA.
  • Trevor Wilson - always signed for fans, and was very cordial and humble.
  • Robby Thompson - same as Trevor, a guy that truly appreciated being a Major Leaguer.
  • Kevin Mitchell - even after winning the MVP, Kevin was a cool cat and signed for fans, and was really good with little kids.
  • John Burkett - John has a great sense of humor, we attended his first Major League start vs. the Dodgers, and had him sign the ticket a few months later. He signed the ticket, and then asked "why is it so wrinkled, how come it's not framed?" (w/ a smile).
  • Ellis Burks - better known for his days with Boston, but Ellis was a class act, always signed with fans even when he was hitting well.
  • Robb Nen - always signed for fans, and was always humble.
  • Noah Lowry - just a class act, he was always nice to fans.
  • Rich Aurilia - during the early 2000s, Rich was one of the most approachable players on the team, and was always cordial and accommodating when others were not.

Robby Thompson

Robby Thompson - Big Topps Card

Rich Aurilia - Big Topps Card

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