Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Candlestick Park Memories

Couldn't help but think how close the end is near with the 'Stick considering that the Niners will commence the 2013 season in a little over two weeks. This had us thinking, what are some of the things we're going to miss about the 'Stick. One of the things we'll remember fondly was how the gates to the Giants games would open hours before first pitch - this was back in the 80s. We remember going to games three to four hours early just to watch the Giants take batting practice, followed by the visiting team batting practice. Of course, none of the concessions were open that early, but the fact you could get there early and watch BP, often with just a handful of other people was kinda cool. The one endearing moment was swinging the doors on the lower level that led to the stairs going to the lower reserve and lower box seats and seeing the playing the field.

The 'Stick

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