Friday, August 09, 2013

Tim Lincecum Pictorial: Past and Present

Watching Tim Lincecum throw a one-hitter yesterday versus Milwaukee took us back. It took us back when Timmy was the envy of every ball club in the Bigs, took us back when he would just baffle Major League hitters all day long. Timmy has certainly had his ups during his career with the Giants, but in the last few years, it seems like some of the fear he once had on batters was gone, along with some of his stuff. Hey, that happens, no one stays the same forever, you have to evolve and reinvent yourself every now and then. Perhaps this year is the year that Timmy has done exactly that, reinvent himself. At the end, he's our guy ...  he was drafted by the Giants out of the University of Washington, and flew through the minor leagues to join the club mid-season in 2007. Here's hoping that Timmy wears a Giants uniform for some more years.

University of Washington (2004-2006): Career 2.82 ERA, 30-13 record, 491 K's

Cape Cod League - Harwich Mariners (2005): 0.69 ERA, 2-2 record, 7 saves, 68 K's

Salem-Keizer (2006): 2 games, 0.00 ERA, 10 K's

San Jose Giants (2006): 1.95 ERA, 2-0 record, 48 K's

Fresno Grizzlies (2007): 0.29 ERA, 4-0 record, 46 K's

Giants 2007: 4.00 ERA, 7-5 record, 150 K's

Giants 2008: 2.62 ERA, 18-5 record, 265 K's, ALL-STAR, NL CY YOUNG

Giants 2009: 2.48 ERA, 15-7 record, 261 K's, ALL-STAR, NL CY YOUNG

Timmy with His Cy Youngs (trophies and French Bulldog)

Giants 2010: 3.43 ERA, 16-10 record, 231 K's, ALL-STAR

Giants 2011: 2.74 ERA, 13-14 record, 220 K's, ALL-STAR

Giants 2012: 5.18 ERA, 10-15 record, 190 K's

Giants 2013: 4.18 ERA, 6-11 record, 150 K's (as of 8/9/13)

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Val Ann said...

I love this! I have loved Timmy since day 1 and even though I am not blind to the struggles I think Tim should get to finish out his career as a SF Giant.