Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Newest SF Giants Fan Collectible: The Beer Cup

During a recent afternoon Saturday game, we couldn't help but notice that several fans had a "sleeve" of beer cups upon leaving the ballpark. Perhaps, spending $9.75 makes most of us feel that we need to take the cup home with us at the end of the game. Others might say that its useful to have some disposable cups for the summer barbecues or beach outings. Still, even others might even use them day-to-day at home or at work. In any event, we aren't the only ones to bring a beer cup home. At one point, we had over 50+ cups, but we've dwindled our haul to the ones pictured below. Do you have any beer cups from years past?

2012 World Series

2010 World Series

2002 World Series

2007 All Star Game

2008 50th Anniversary

2007 Barry Bonds 756th Home Run 

2006 Barry Bonds 715th Home Run

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