Friday, August 02, 2013

Fantasy Baseball League Wish List

Like most of you, we're in a fantasy baseball league. Our league consists of 14 teams and the team owners have remained the same year-after-year. One area that we wish our league would allow is conducting trades like the Big Leagues. Instead of trading one player for another, allow individual teams to make alternate arrangements. For example, we'll trade you Hunter Pence for your John Doe plus 15% of your winnings if you place this season. Or we'll trade you Yasiel Puig for your first and third picks next season (we have a snake draft).

At the moment, hardly any trades are made in our league because quite frankly it's always one-sided. Give me your ace, and you can have my scrub bench player - trades just do not happen in our league. Does anyone else have this in place in their respective league? Can you bargain based on winnings or future considerations?

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