Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Could It Be the Shoes and Hat?

We were wondering what was causing Lincecum's pitching woes for the last two seasons ... could it be confidence, mechanics, stamina, strength, conditioning, focus, or his comfort level with Posey? Perhaps it could be one or all of those things, but alas we might have identified the sources of his struggles. It's his shoes and baseball cap. Ever since he got called up to the Bigs, Lincecum wore Reebok cleats, than after the 2010 World Championship season Timmy switched over to Nike. The same applied to his cap, he wore the same cap from the day he got called up through the end of the 2010 season - Hank Schulman even wrote a short story regarding his cap too.

So our recommendation to Timmy ... go back to wearing Reebok cleats and find your old SF cap and wear that baby too!

Lincecum in 2010 with old cap.

Lincecum sporting his Reebok kicks.

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