Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SF Giants Release Tentative Postseason Schedule

This afternoon, the Giants distributed an e-mail to all season ticketholders announcing the 2012 tentative postseason schedule and the pricing for the postseason ticket strips. All season ticketholders have until September 12 to make their full payment. At first glance, it's interesting to note that if the Giants make it to the postseason, there might be some games in which they would conflict as some of 49ers home games at the 'Stick.



Giants 2012 Postseason Tentative Schedule

(Dates are subject to change)


Wild Card

Friday October 5th NL Wild Card Game  

Divisional Series  

 NLDS A (Non-Wild Card Series)   
  Saturday October 6th NLDS Game 1    
  Sunday October 7th NLDS Game 2   
  Tuesday October 9th NLDS Game 3    
  Wednesday October 10th NLDS Game 4    
 Thursday October 11th NLDS Game 5     

NLDS B (Involves Wild Card)  
Sunday October 7th NLDS Game 1 
Monday October 8th NLDS Game 2  
Wednesday October 10th NLDS Game 3 
Thursday October 11th NLDS Game 4  
Friday October 12th NLDS Game 5 

Championship Series   

  Sunday October 14th NLCS Game 1  
  Monday October 15th NLCS Game 2  
  Wednesday October 17th NLCS Game 3  
  Thursday October 18th NLCS Game 4  
  Friday October 19th NLCS Game 5  
  Sunday October 21st NLCS Game 6  
  Monday October 22nd NLCS Game 7  

World Series  

  Wednesday October 24th AL at NL WS Game 1  
  Thursday October 25th AL at NL WS Game 2  
  Saturday October 27th NL at AL WS Game 3  
  Sunday October 28th NL at AL WS Game 4  
  Monday October 29th NL at AL WS Game 5  
  Wednesday October 31st AL at NL WS Game 6  
  Thursday November 1st AL at NL WS Game 7  

*Game and times will be announced once all Postseason standing has been determined

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