Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melk's Expiration Date was Today

Where does one begin? We were disappointed when news broke of Melky's suspension from testing positive to testosterone. We like so many of the Giants faithful felt disbelief, heartache, and sadness. Having Melky admit and apologize for his use of PEDs probably brings to full circle why he even used PEDs in the first place. After his dismal 2010 season with the Atlanta Braves, he probably felt it was worth the risk to use PEDs and put up numbers that would revive his career and garner his first big-time contract.  We're not gonna lie, if we were in his shoes, we might consider the same thing - it's basic human nature, do what you can to survive. Was his decision right, no, of course not. However, desperate times call for desperate actions .... and that's what we have here.

Melky isn't the first player to be caught, and he certainly will not be the last ... others will follow form in due time - human behavior and instinct does not change. The question then becomes what will happen to the team now? The players, just like the fans are in shock, but they now control their own destiny. The season can easily fold this weekend in San Diego or they can rally amongst themselves and take the "us versus the world" mentality and go out fighting every single day. We guess, we'll find out on Friday which route they've chosen. If the team decides to continue the good fight, others must rise and take on greater responsibility and produce at a high level - this is the only way they can achieve their goals.

As for the future of Melky and the Giants - it's over. We do not envision the club trying to sign Melky once the season ends. The bridge has been destroyed and will not be rebuilt ... this hit the front office and coaches hard, and as the saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me." The Giants have too much to risk for them to resign Melky, you can bet he will be with another team next season.

For those of you that purchased Melky shirts, jerseys, caps, and every other merchandise item that had Melky on it ... we feel your pain. We even printed t-shirts to have him resigned ... lesson learned for us.

For now, we will continue supporting the club and the players that remain, they need the fans support more than ever, and that's what we plan to do when we attend the games this weekend in San Diego.

Go Giants!

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