Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye Nate, and Then There Were 11

So today the SF Giants upgraded their OF by acquiring Hunter Pence from the Phillies ... no question, it was a move that had to be made. However, one side story is the number of players that are currently on the 25-man roster that were on the 2010 World Championship team ... that number is now 11. Perhaps, it will drop to the 10 based on how Aubrey Huff left the field yesterday, he might have played his last game as a Giant too.

Say what you will about Nate, but he helped bring a World Championship to San Francisco, and for that we here at the Sons of Johnnie LeMaster will forever be grateful. Perhaps greener pastures await him in Philly and he'll flourish there.

The one thing that will always stick in our minds is the incredible defense Nate played at AT&T Park, and with that we present two videos for you to see (that we picked out on YouTube). So please raise your glasses, and toast Nate for helping us win a World Series, and hopefully he'll find success in Philly. Cheers to you Nate, 2010 World Champion.

Nate's incredible defense

Nate's diving catch in LA

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Paddy said...

Nate will always remain one of my favorite Giants, for his defense above all else, but also as a local guy, for his hot streaks, and for not wearing batting gloves his first few years. But I'm happy for him because I'm confident he'll do well in Philly, although it'll sure be bittersweet when he nails his first Giant at third.