Sunday, October 19, 2014

The End of the Line For Some

The next week and half could be the last time SF Giants fans see Ryan Vogelsong, Michael Morse, Sergio Romo, and Pablo Sandoval in a Giants uniform. All will be free agents once the World Series is completed.

Vogey is earning $5M this season, and all signs point that the Giants will not resign him, and quite honestly how could they possibly validate bringing him back. Aging pitchers do not get better and his year-by-year record since 2012 demonstrates that. In Morse, this was clearly a low-risk, high-reward one year signing, but he's clearly going to demand more than $6M a year and will probably seek a 3-5 year deal. The Giants won't go near that dollar amount or length of terms with him.

Romo who has become one of the more popular figures on the team will probably seek a closer role elsewhere. He earned $6.3M this year as a closer than being relegated to the setup role. He too will seek a higher per year dollar amount and probably a three-year deal … something along the lines of three years for $23-25M. Some team will probably pay him that, but it won't be San Francisco. Finally, the beloved "Panda" will probably be one of the most coveted free agents in the market, and one the Giants cannot afford. If we had to bet, we would count on the New York Yankees to land Pablo to play in the Bronx. They're in dire need of a third baseman, and with the short porch at Yankee Stadium, he could put up careers numbers in New York. Plus, they'll overpay just to land him.

This offseason, we expect the Giants to make a big trade to ensure they can make another run in October in 2015. So if you're going to any of the World Series games this week, be sure to cheer a little bit louder for the lads mentioned above because they may not be back next year.

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