Friday, October 17, 2014

SF Giants Lore Was Created Last Night

When all of us pass away, the night of October 16, 2014 will be discussed with future generations on what will be one of the top three moments in franchise history. Yes, winning World Series titles are huge, but you have to get there first, and last night Travis Ishikawa etched his name in Giants lore and launched the Giants to the World Series.

Baseball has a funny way on picking a hero, often its not the all star or highest paid player, but the guy earning the league minimum and getting a hit here and there. Somehow the baseball gods tapped Travis to be the hero and provide us with a moment none of us will ever forget. Oh by the way, Travis had a damned good series, batting .385 with seven RBI. Will we win the World Series next week? We don't know, but its looking good so far

Bobby Thomson - 1951

Kenny Lofton - 2002

Travis Ishikawa - 2014

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