Friday, October 10, 2014

San Francisco versus St. Louis, beyond the stats

By now, you’ve read and heard every baseball pundit share why St. Louis or San Francisco will win the National League Championship Series. All have used some statistical data, whether its current or historical to support their position.
We’ve decided to look beyond the numbers on the field, and to compare the two cities and their respective attributes to determine who’s going to win the NLCS.

1.       Golden Gate Bridge v. The Arch: Both serve as iconic images for both cities … you mention San Francisco anywhere in the world and people will respond with Golden Gate Bridge, you mention St. Louis anywhere in the world and people will mention the Arch. Both are majestic and symbolize what is great about our country and people that call both cities home. To determine which one is better is like asking a parent, which kid do you love more? ADVANTAGE: PUSH

2.       Busch Stadium v. AT&T Park: Granted we have not attended a game in the new Busch Stadium, but folks we’ve talked to have raved about it. Especially The Village beyond centerfield. Downtown St. Louis has become an entertainment destination, which wasn’t the case with the old Busch Stadium. AT&T Park is a treasure – tucked away near the water, it has revitalized an area that was vacant for decades, and the cool features of the ballpark are second to none. The park symbolizes what baseball is all about. ADVANTAGE: SAN FRANCISCO

3. Toasted Ravioli v. Cioppino: Both menu items are the most associated with the respective cities. Yes, we know that each city could be associated with others, but these two items are consistently mentioned. The fried ravioli is awesome, we’re not gonna lie, it’s damn good – anything fried usually is. The cioppino is equally awesome, perfect for the cool climate of San Francisco. ADVANTAGE: ST. LOUIS

4. Forest Park v. Golden Gate Park: Forest Park is 1,293 acres and is considered one of the best public parks in the country. Golden Gate park is 1,017 acres and is home to Outside Lands and the Bay to Breakers. ADVANTAGE: ST. LOUIS.

5. Schlafly v. Anchor: Schlafly is a regional craft brewer based in St. Louis established in 1991 and offers some of the best crafted beers in the region. Unfortunately, their distribution is limited to the Midwest, so you won’t find anything out West. Anchor essentially invented craft beers and have been brewing their signature Steam beer since 1896. Even to this day, they have one of the best beers around. ADVANTAGE: SAN FRANCISCO

6. Metro St. Louis v. Muni: Public transportation is a bit rough in St. Louis, and their light rail system is a joke. It’s a car-dependent region and hardly anyone actually uses public transportation. Muni isn’t perfect, but the City is a place where you don’t need to own a car - public transportation is always readily available. ADVANTAGE: SAN FRANCISCO

7.  Stan Musial v. Willie Mays: Stan The Man is one of the all-time greats, and was beloved like no other in St. Louis. However, as Ted Williams once said, “they invented the All-Star Game for Willie Mays.” Mays is the best player to ever suit up in the Major Leagues, plain and simple. ADVANTAGE: SAN FRANCISCO

So there you have it, after tallying up a few categories for each city, San Francisco is destined to win the NLCS. It won’t be easy, but the Giants will come out on top! Enjoy the series.

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