Friday, January 10, 2014

The Secondary Ticket Market Grows

We all know how successful the Giants have been in recent years (see 2010 & 2012 trophies), and what that comes significant demand from fans to attend a game(s) at AT&T Park.  For those individuals that are not season ticket holders, typically you're at the mercy on what's available with the Giants ticket office or you scan the secondary market for better selection and/or a better deal. In previous years, online sites such as Stubhub and eBay filled that void. However, in 2014, another entity has entered the market - TicketMonster. Ever hear of it? Don't worry we haven't heard of it either. TicketMonster is a Korean-based ticket and e-commerce company that was acquired by Groupon in November, 2013. The sale was finalized earlier this month, but the question remains, how is Groupon going to leverage this acquisition in regard to game day tickets with the Giants? TicketMonster has already produced a press release regarding game dates for the Giants, we must assume they will become an open marketplace for tickets. The follow-up question, since Groupon now owns TicketMonster, will 2-for-1 deals now be the norm? How will that impact the secondary market? How will that impact season ticket holders that are paying full price?

A lot questions remain, but it's tough to answer them since the rollout of TicketMonster has not commenced.

TicketMonster Mascot

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