Monday, January 13, 2014

A Tip to Alex Rodriguez: Be Nice to Your Friends, and Nicer to Your Partner in Crime

We just finished viewing the 60 Minutes’ interview of Anthony Bosch, founder of former South Florida anti-aging clinic Biogenesis, and the man that cooperated with Major League Baseball to bring down one of the most prolific hitters of all time. During the interview, one thought continued to resonate with us ... what type of arrangement did Barry Bonds strike with Greg Anderson. Anderson if you remember was Bonds' former trainer, who has now served more than a year in jail for refusing to testify against Bonds in the BALCO grand jury proceedings as well as three months' prison time for his role in BALCO. In essence, Major League Baseball would have loved for Anderson to fold and cooperated in indicting Bonds for using banned substances, but that never happened.

The difference between ARod and Bonds comes down to the relationships they had when it came down to their respective handlers. Bosch didn’t have any loyalty to ARod, and why would he, they didn’t grow up together and weren’t even friends before all of this. In fact, Bosch even remarked in the 60 Minutes interview that he felt he wasn’t being paid enough. Anderson, on the other hand, grew up with Bonds and his family, probably knew more about Barry than anyone else. And with that, perhaps there was an agreement already in place, you take the bullet more me and I’ll take care of you and your family. Perhaps if ARod deployed the same strategy, he wouldn’t be looking at a complete ban from competing in the 2014 season.

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