Thursday, January 23, 2014

Star Wars Related Stadium Giveaway for 2014 Season

The Giants released their final promotional schedule this morning, and as expected they added a few new items that were not on the original list that was released late last year. The one new giveaway that caught our attention is the Star Wars R2D2 Beanie giveaway slated for August 31st. It's safe to say, this will be the most sought-after SGA for the entire season. The giveaway will be available for the first 20,000 fans, and yes, we expect huge lines to queue up hours before the game. Oh, by the way, the Giants are playing the Milwaukee Brewers for that Sunday afternoon game.

At this point, we still don't know what the beanie will look like or how the Giants logo will be incorporated, but we are pretty sure it will not matter to the legions of Star Wars fans out there. At best, we think the beanie will look like something pictured below. In any event, this will most likely be the most talked about giveaway item in recent memory.

This is not the exact SF Giants R2D2 beanie giveaway, but it will most likely look something like this.

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