Monday, September 16, 2013

Hunter Pence Milestones

It's funny what a month can do for one's stats, and that's certainly the case for Hunter Pence. It wasn't too long ago that it appeared that Pence was going to end up with a disappointing season at the plate, but the month of September has changed all of that. In this month alone (thru 15 games), Pence has bashed nine home runs, 25 RBI, and 24 hits while batting .421. He's already tied his single career best of 25 home runs and is 12 RBI short of tying his career best 104 RBI production from just last year. The only question is how much more damage can he do at the plate with just 12 games remaining in the season. He's in New York this week as the club faces the Mets and Yankees, then club returns home for the final homestand of the year when they square off against the Dodgers and the Padres.

We're gonna bet that he ends the season with 30 home runs, and 107 RBI while batting around .310. Ambitious? Yes. But we're talking about Pence, and what a great way to end the season while negotiating a long term deal.

Hunter Pence Launching a Home Run Against the Dodgers

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