Sunday, September 08, 2013

Farewell Season to Candlestick Park Starts Today

Love it or hate it, Candlestick Park will be missed. Was it perfect? Of course not. Did the traffic drive you mad? Of course it did. Regardless, it was our stadium - it was our family. New stadiums and the amenities they have to offer made the 'Stick even more irrelevant. But you can't deny the memories that old stadium has - it's priceless, it's timeless. The memories of historic moments for both the Giants and 49ers will live on forever, and for that reason we'll take a deep breadth as we enter the 'Stick today as the 49ers kickoff the 2013 season.

For you older fans, you'll remember that during this time of year, the baseball field would still be intact for a 49ers game. That ceased back in 2000, but that's one of the things we'll remember as we scan the field today.

Candlestick Park in Baseball and Football Formation

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