Monday, September 23, 2013

Finnerty's Game Bus 2013 in Pictures

Phew, so we made it back to Cali on Sunday afternoon, and we may need a week's vacation to recover from what is THE best SF Giants road trip, the Finnerty's Game Bus event. To quickly recap, we took a redeye flight on Wednesday night, and arrived to New York on Thursday morning. We added three games to our agenda, starting with the Mets getaway game, and ending with the Saturday afternoon game versus the Yankees. So without further ado, here's the Finnerty's Game Bus 2013 trip in pictures ...

Finnerty's on 221 2nd Avenue

Pre-Game at Finnerty's before Mets game on Thursday

Each bus had one of these coolers filled with beer

The famous Shake Shack - lines were too long

A view of the field from the Finnerty's section (138)

Brian and Dieter, the two cats that own Finnerty's

Pre-game at Finnerty's on Friday before the Yankees game

A view from the Finnerty's section (434B)

The Finnerty's group on Friday night at Yankee Stadium

Pre-gaming at Finnerty's for Saturday's game

On the Saturday bus

View from Finnerty's section on Saturday

The bullpen and Monument Park off in the distance

Yankee Stadium behind home plate

The Finnerty's section

The SF Giants flag was flying above the Finnerty's section

Yankee Stadium from the CF bleachers

Another view of the Finnerty's section

Yankee fans starting the wave in the center field bleachers

The bar at Finnerty's

Finnerty's Game Bus 2013 shirt (front)

Finnerty's Game Bus 2013 shirt (back)

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