Monday, May 07, 2012

Tips for Visiting Dodger Stadium

It has come to our attention that several members of Giants Nation are making the trek down to SoCal for the Giants three-game roadie at Dodger Stadium. Since several members of the Sons of Johnnie LeMaster have several years and games under their belts attending games in Chavez Ravine, we thought it would be helpful to hand out some tips ahead of your visit.

  • Get there early! Dodger Stadium is just east of downtown LA, and the main freeway artery (110 freeway) is busy all day, but especially when rush hour traffic starts gearing up at around 3:30 p.m.
  • Public transportation is basically non-existent. Don't fall for the Union Station Dodger Shuttle bus that goes between Union Station (MTA, Amtrak) and Dodger Stadium. That is a complete waste of time, and even Dodger fans moan on how bad and unreliable it is.
  • Enter the stadium parking lot by going thru the "Downtown Gate" if you're on the 110 Fwy, use the "Stadium" exit. Park in lot 7 ... you can thank us later - it will allow for the fastest exit out of the stadium and best way to get on 110 Fwy.
  • Leave the cooler at home, Dodgers have a "no-tailgating" rule in the parking lot. This existed prior to the Bryan Stow event, but now it's being enforced. We've seen plenty of Dodger and visiting fans forced to empty their beers on the ground in front of the LAPD. *A moment of silence for the beers ...  thank you.
  • There are no pre-gaming spots near the ballpark. Reason #1500456789 to dislike Dodger Stadium.
  • Be mindful where your seats are, it will determine which gate you can enter the stadium. For whatever reason, the Dodgers brass will not allow you to enter the stadium at any gate, you have to enter based on where your seats are. i.e. Field box level, loge level, reserved level, pavillions, etc.
  • Pavillion section ... Dodger Stadium might be the only stadium where the folks in the bleachers cannot walk or roam around the rest of the stadium. There is no walkway from the pavillion to the rest of the stadium, and they will not let you out of the pavillion section to re-enter the main concourse. It's also where some of the worst Dodger fans sit, so you shouldn't even bother getting tickets there.
  • Concessions - once you experience Dodger Stadium, you will love AT&T Park even more. Dodger Dogs are one of the most overrated food items ever touted. Have you ever seen Vin Scully eat one? That's a no, because Vinnie is smart not to eat one, however he does make it sound good, "mmmm, mmmm ... a Dodger Dog made by Farmer John." Actually, we would recommend a stop at the historic Phillippe's on 1001 North Alameda Street just outside of Chinatown, which is near the ballpark. Phillippe's has the best French dip sandwiches anywhere, and the smart fans will get a to-go order before a Dodgers game.
  • Count how many times you see a beach ball being tossed around, and watch the side show as ushers scramble around trying to retrieve it and pop it once they get it.
  • We recommend seats in the lower box (behind home plate) ... yes, we know it's pricey, but seldom do fights breakout in this section.
  • Sections to avoid ... DO NOT sit in the pavillion sections and upper reserve. We cannot reiterate this enough, you're gonna wish that you spent the extra money on seats in the loge or lower box sections.
  • Wear your Giants gear, but don't gloat ... actually, this applies to any visiting fan visiting any ballpark. It's okay to cheer for the club, but don't taunt and gloat to the opposition fan base. This is common sense 101.
  • Once the game is over, hangout outside of the stadium near the right field wall. Typically, if it's the first or second game of a three-game series, you will see some of the players walkout of the stadium to grab a cab or get a ride with a friend. We've seen plenty of players sign for fans that wait around. Also, Kruk, Kuip, Flem & Jon typically rent a car and will walk out to their SUV, and they sign as well. Plus, they're always happy to meet and greet with Giants fans.
  • Have fun, Go Giants!

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