Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our New Timbuk2 Bag

Several weeks ago we lost our SF Giants Timbuk2 bag that was distributed to season ticket holders back in 2007. It was a sad day for us. Nevertheless, we had to fill the void and since those bags are not available for sale anywhere, we had to improvise and make another bag on our own. So, we simply went to the Timbuk2 website and ordered a customized bag per the SF Giants color scheme, and then purchased a World Series Champions patch on eBay. Our next step was to find a local tailor that could sew the patch on the bag, and $8 later, the patch was on our new bag. So what do you think?

Side Note: when you receive the WS patch, make sure to detach the plastic backing that comes with the patch. For the new patches, it should be fairly easy ... just pick a corner and rip the plastic backing off. Don't worry, you will not ruin the patch. If you are having difficulty in removing the plastic backing, simply use a hair dryer and heat the plastic to loosen the adhesion and then remove the plastic backing. Please do not avoid this step! The plastic backing must be removed in order to stitch the patch to the bag.


FanFavoriteNo36 said...

Awesome bag. I am currently going through the same process with Timbuk2. I'll share a photo when I finally kick down 129 bucks to get it made.

bbison said...

Would you mind mentioning where you had the patch sewn on? I'm getting one done as a gift, don't want to ask on twitter, as she might see it.