Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Commentary on Social Media

When we started this blog and joined Twitter, our intent was simple, to have fun and converse with individuals that shared the same interests, and perhaps along the way - we and others might even learn a few new things on a number of subjects. Our goal all along was to make this fun and not to make a business venture out of this or to profit from what we do, which is why you never see any advertising (aka monetizing efforts) on this blog or see us sell any of our shirts that we produce. However it has come to our attention within viewing some tweets in the past week, that others do not share our idea of having fun. Yes, we are not naïve to think that everyone has the same ideals as we do, but it's also disappointing when others use social media, or in this case Twitter to repeatedly attack or stalk others in a negative and condensing tone. Now, to make this clear, none of the negative tweets were directed at us, but we did notice a trend where individuals would consistently make inappropriate remarks to individuals that aren't even public figures. We get that good nature ribbing is par for the course, but when does good nature ribbing turn into poor inappropriate behavior and crosses the line between good nature ribbing and acts of cruelty? To be fair, this dilemma has existed on every social media platform, individuals that have the bravado to type remarks and comments intended to incite and enrage (aka Internet bullies), and yet it seems that the general social media population has generally accepted that type of behavior versus standing up and condoning it.

Now, we're not here anointing ourselves as patron saints of social media because we're not, but we also believe if you're going to type something to someone online via social media, you should have the wherewithal to say the very exact same thing to that same person when you see them in person. If we understand correctly, it's called the "paper tiger" syndrome of social media or "liquid courage" for those of you order than 21 years of age. Twitter and other social media outlets have been utterly amazing on a number of fronts, and right when we're totally enthralled with what each of these platforms can provide, the proverbial "ugly head" peers out and shows the nasty side of things.

To our regular readers, we apologize for not making this a post related to the Giants, but felt it needed to be said. GO GIANTS!

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