Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remember when ...

the Giants played at Candlestick Park? I'm sure most of you remember when the Gmen played at the 'Stick, my first game was around 1978, and I remember always driving past the yard on 101 North whenever the family was heading into the city. I thought it was beautiful, even though most hated the sight of seeing it. Yes, the 'Stick certainly had flaws, too many to list actually, but I didn't care I still loved the 'Stick anyways. I even remember going to a night game vs. the Montreal Expos where the announced crowd was about 5,000+.

Anyways, I came across some old photos of the 'Stick before and after it was built, and thought they were kinda cool looking. Check them out for yourselves.

Looking north on the 101

Future site of the 'Stick

'Stick when it had an open outfield

The 'Stick before ground breaking

The 'Stick

The 'Stick

The 'Stick before development

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David said...

I still say the Giants should play 1 series a year there, And of course it would have to be against the Dogturds, uhh I mean he Dodgers. I remember being at the game (before they had the bleachers right behind the fence) where on deep fly balls, everybody would jump out of the bleachers, run to the fence and jump up and touch the top of the fence then run back to the bleachers, started out with a couple of people, then boom, all sorts of people were doing it!! Then they put up the fence between the bleachers and the fence, anybody remember that??