Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Machine has officially been identified

Yeah, big secret huh? Well now we have some proof. The fine folks over at Barstool Sports NY, recently received some photos of Pat the Bat in full costume with some bikini clad chicks, and another photo of him posing with those same bikini clad chicks. Apparently the photo was taken at Barry Zito's casa up in Marin somewhere. I guess The Machine also likes to drink Pacifico beer, and have a few smokes too.

Also, doesn't Pat look like Ray Liotta from Goodfellas? Especially in this pic with those white retro (ball huggers) shorts and shades. I'm expecting to see a stash of cocaine on table in that backyard somewhere.

Disclaimer: notice the hot chicks in the pics. For you female fans that want Pat the Bat, that is the standard ... if you're not better looking than these chicks keep dreaming. As Brian Wilson would say, "fact!"

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