Sunday, November 09, 2014

Introducing our 2014 Limited Edition World Champions Shirt

What does one ponder when your team captures their third world championship in five years? A limited edition shirt! To celebrate the third crown in San Francisco Giants history, we created a shirt that honors the three championships.

On the back of the shirt, we have MLB's digital rendition of the Commissioner's Trophy and the years of the world championships. The front of the shirt has our standard branded graphic. The one unique aspect of the shirt is that it's the first v-neck shirt we've used. The v-neck was chosen to symbolize victory, a subtle change that we hope you'll like.

As usual, none of our shirts are for sale. We give them away for free to other die-hard fans. Good luck!

1 comment:

J Gomez said...

I would be honored to sport this beauty to the ring ceremony!!