Sunday, November 16, 2014

2015 SF Giants Stadium Giveaway Ideas

So we were thinking about the stadium giveaway (SGA) items for next year, and thought the items below should be on the SGA schedule, in addition to the standard items that are always on the schedule. What do you think? What items do you want to see added to the 2015 SGA lineup?

  1. Hunter Pence right field splat catch in the NLDS bobblehead
  2. Joe Panik dive to start a double play in the World Series bobblehead
  3. Travis Ishikawa walk-off HR to win the pennant bobblehead
  4. Madison Bumgarner NLCS and World Series MVP bobblehead
  5. Inflatable World Series trophy
  6. Cow bells with World Series Champions logo
  7. T-shirt with all three championship flags on the back

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