Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Curse of Dawg?

We're trying to get a handle on what has become a dismal season for the defending World Champs, and while injuries have forced the club's hands on starting players that were never part of the master plan, something else is amiss.

We've been thinking what could it possibly be? Then the moment dawned us, the epiphany struck us like a bolt of lightning. It was after the Giants home game on May 12. You remember the moment. The Giants were up 5-0 against the Atlanta Braves, and Marco Scutaro stroked one to the left field wall and Justin Upton was trailing the flight of the ball to the wall getting ready to make an attempt to catch it. When out of nowhere a glove appeared from the stands and took a stab at the ball and interfering with the play.

It turned out the self-proclaimed mayor of left field, aka Dawg, was the individual that was involved in the play. A fixture at all Giants home games, and even some road games, the Dawg interfered with another ball and the Giants had enough. So the days immediately following the incident, he was banished from sitting in the front row, and was told he could sit in one of the higher rows for the rest of the season. He was going to have none of that, and basically said screw it, I'm done for the year.

Since then, the Giants have a record of 22-38, and have dropped out of first place to now own fourth place with little possibility on seeing the postseason. Could this be our Billy the Goat moment? Perhaps it's time to reinstate Dawg to his regular post because last night's thrashing by the Reds was enough for us.

The "Dawg"


Jesse J. Sauceda JR said...

o I've said it before, and I will say it again: To Hell With That Guy. He isn't some random fan caught up in the moment. He's been at it for years (the earliest I remember was him robbing JT of an RBI years ago). I can not understand people's need to make him into some sort of folk hero for interfering with the game and, in case you didn't notice, hurting the home team. Don’t talk about him like he's some sort of super fan.
 Also, I didn't hear any of the Murph and Mac show, but I think its ridiculous to talk about him and in any way elevate him. There's a reason why, when someone runs onto the field at a game, the effort is made Not to put them into the spotlight or give them any attention. I think he should be treated the same way (what he's doing is as bad or, arguably, worse) and giving him this much publicity seems irresponsible. Don’t talk about him like he's some sort of super fan.

bluedragon said...

the Dawg is cool. how many teams got a fan like that? not many. he's part of the team's culture. who cares if he interfered w/ a ball in play or not? I dont. all fans should be able to grab whatever ball they can reach. it adds to the excitement and unpredictability. the game has gotten so boring and flat. there's no element of surprise. its supposed to be fun.

AV said...

At it for years?
Give me a break!
It happened once EIGHT YEARS ago!
He's been going to games for three DECADES!