Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Tough Lesson Was Learned for Younger SF Giants Fans Yesterday

Brian Wilson was drafted by the Giants in the 2003 amateur draft, and up until yesterday, spent his entire career with the Giants organization. He made his Big League debut in 2006, but became the closer for the club in 2008, and in his seven years with the club he amassed 171 saves - 3rd most in franchise history behind Robb Nen and Rod Beck. He was a home grown product that helped the club win it's first World Championship in San Francisco, and in that time he established cult hero status with the fans of San Francisco. However, all that changed yesterday when it was announced that he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the wrath of fans was immense on social media.

Some fans were angry, hurt, disappointed, saddened, and others felt betrayal. In the end, the key lesson learned is don't get too attached to the players. Players are a commodity and will come and go ... the days of a players spending their entire career with one team is gone. Stay loyal to the club, and you won't be disappointed or angered when our next homegrown products signs elsewhere.

Buster Posey in a Red Sox uniform (Cape Cod League)

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