Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Wish List of 2013 SF Giants Promo Items

Each season the SF Giants compiles a promotional calendar to entice the masses to attend a game and walk away with a nifty souvenir (aka the stadium giveaway) to take home compliments of (fill in the name of any sponsor). In recent years, the bobbleheads have been all the rage, and this past season the gnome giveaways leapt over the bobbleheads as the must-have giveaway items.

Now with the club fresh off a 2012 World Championship, it's safe to say we'll have a 2013 promo calendar themed around the World Championship. Sure, we'll get the good old standard giveaways: calendar, schedule magnet, cap, baseball cards, and few bobbleheads tossed in. But how about something different?

Here's our list of giveaway items that we would schedule if we were in charge of the promo schedule ...

  • Inflatable replica of the Commissioner's Trophy ... fans could bring this to every home and ROAD games - especially down in LA. We could remind all opponents who the defending champs are!
  • Replica National League MVP trophy - let's celebrate with Buster by having a replica trophy can we can hang on to.
  • Continuing on the trophy theme ... have a replica World Series MVP trophy day in honor of Pablo.
  • Again, with the trophy theme ... have a replica National League Championship Series MVP trophy day in honor of MARCOOOOOOOO ... SCUTARO!
  • World Championship themed FatHead stickers that we can take to Kinko's and put on cardboard stock to bring them to the games.
  • Juan Marichal replica statue ... you know this is gonna happen.
  • Cow bells with the World Championship logo ... can you imagine the bleachers ringing the cow bells when Matt Holliday is playing LF!? "Holllllliday!" 
  • Plastic batting helmet with the World Champs logo ... what happened to those plastic helmets?! They use to give them out a the 'Stick! Maybe some fans actually used them as a batting helmet in a game :-/
  • Wrist bands with the caricature of Buster Posey, Mr. MVP! Remember when ball players had wrist bands with their likeness on them?!
  • SF Giants World Champs Twitter themed shirt with #RallyZito #RallyVogey #RallyBum #RallyCain #RallyEnchiladas
  • Another SF Giants shirt that says, "It's the San Francisco Giants show so far!" @therealmattkemp
  • Hat clips with World Champs logo
  • And finallllly ... World Champs logo thongs for the ladies (and for Aubrey Huff)!!!!
Whatcha all think? Awesome, right!? We should work for the promo department.

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