Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Fearless Predictions

In no particular order …

  • Brett Pill will become the regular first baseman, and will burst on the scene with 30 home runs, and 90 RBI by season's end
  • Aubrey Huff will be relegated to the bench, and eventually released by the club
  • Matt Cain gets traded for a big bat (UPDATE: WELL, THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. GLAD TO BE WRONG ON THIS ONE)
  • Freddy Sanchez will announce his retirement after his shoulder or other limb relegates him to surgery or extended DL
  • Pablo Sandoval will emerge as an elite third baseman and will be listed as a potential MVP and Gold Glove candidate
  • Melky Cabrera will continue from his 2011 season, and have another strong year, and will most likely sign elsewhere once the season ends
  • Nate Schierholtz will fade into obscurity and will be mentioned in the same sentence as Todd Linden, Dante Powell, Dan Orteimer, et al … guys that could never cement themselves in the Bigs
  • Tim Lincecum will lead the league in wins, strikeouts and win his third Cy Young award
  • Madison Bumgarner will emerge as the "second ace" of the team and compile 20 wins
  • Ryan Vogelsong will repeat his 2011 year, with a steady and consistent performance
  • Barry Zito will remain with the club despite his roller coaster performance
  • Emmanuel Burris will be tagged as the second coming of Robby Thompson
  • Brandon Crawford will provide steady defense and just enough offense
  • Brian Wilson shaves his beard
  • Sergio Romo shaves his beard too
  • At least six Marlins will be beaned when Buster Posey is behind the plate catching
  • The Giants return to the Fall Classic, and The City will have another parade down Market Street.

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