Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Postseason Share - SF Giants receive $10K each

According to the Associated Press, Major League Baseball released the postseason shares for the World Champs and other teams that placed. The total pot was just north of $57.3 million. The total is generated by 60 percent of the ticket money from the first three games of each division series, and the first four games of each league championship series and the World Series.

Here's the breakdown:

St. Louis Cardinals: $323,170 full share
Texas Rangers: $251,516 full share
Milwaukee Brewers: $133,511 full share
Detroit Tigers: $126,902 full share
Tampa Bay Rays: $30,758 full share
Philadelphia Phillies: $30,401 full share
Arizona D'backs: $26,675 full share
NY Yankees: $26,239 full share
Atlanta Braves: $11,089 full share
LA Angels: $10,862 full share
Cleveland Indians: $10,366 full share

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