Sunday, September 25, 2011

Go Yankees!?

Well, any hope of our beloved Giants making it to the postseason ended this weekend ... it was a tough season, but in the end you can't win a title with putting band-aids on a huge gash. So while the Giants season is over, we here at the Sons of Johnnie LeMaster will still keep up with the other teams in the postseason, because we still love baseball nevertheless.

So while the other six teams make their march to the World Series, we'll be cheering for the New York Yankees to go the distance. Now, we know what you're thinking ... the Yankees, WTF?! Our interest to the Yankees actually involves our hatred for the Dodgers. Let's go into old Sons of Johnnie LeMaster vault ... in the mid-70s, the Giants were sucking big time, and guess which team always stuck it to us? Yup, the hated ones, the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was during the 1977 World Series, that we ended up hating the Dodgers more, and liking the Yankees even more in the process. Seeing your hometown team not even sniff the postseason kinda forced your hand to have a second favorite team, and ours was the New York Yankees - Reggie, Guidry, Munson, Nettles, Chambliss, Dent, Randolph, Gossage - now that was a team! But it was in that series, that our disdain with Tommy LaSorda grew so it was even easier to root for the Yankees.

Move fast forward, and today with the Giants out of the postseason race, our attention will fall with the Yankees. In some respects, we kinda wish that the Giants would be the Yankees, win at all costs ... some obviously dislike how the Yankees spend endless amounts of cash to "buy" their team, but you gotta love their approach - nothing will stop us to win. Admit it, if the Giants had the same business model, you wouldn't complain, you would embrace it.

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