Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do you believe?

As we write this blog post, the SF Giants just won their fifth straight game, and now sit 7 games back from Arizona, and 6 games back from Atlanta for the Wild Card. The intriguing thing about this five-game winning streak is that the bats have come to life. Why is that? Is the pressure off of them? Have they found their hitting strokes? Is the mojo back? Whatever the reason, the same question remains ... could they make a miraculous run to win the Wild Card or the NL West?

We thought about that, and found out that four clubs in MLB history were able to make the playoffs despite trailing by six or more games with 20 games remaining. 2007 Phillies, 1995 Mariners, 1964 Cardinals, AND 1951 GIANTS! Of the four teams listed, only one lives in infamy, the team that produced "the shot heard 'round the world." After tying the Brooklyn Dodgers in the regular season, the Giants won a three-game playoff to punch their ticket to the World Series.

So the question remains, DO YOU BELIEVE?

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