Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where the boys are ...

We frequently get asked where do the Giants hang out when they're away from the ballpark. So we did some checking around and verified some of the establishments in the City that players frequent.

  • Tipsy Pig - we all know that this is the place that Pat the Bat loves to hangout, but several other players have been here.
  • Delerosa - it's a casual pizza/pasta joint on Chestnut Street, and Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum, and Burrell have dined here, usually after a day game.
  • Pete's Tavern - the sports bar across the street from the ballpark, Jonathan Sanchez will often have a drink here after some games, and even Lou Seal (out of costume) will throw some back here as well.
  • Michael Mina - an upscale restaurant that Barry Zito frequents.
  • Gary Danko - one of the most posh restaurants in the City, Brian Wilson has publicly praised G.D.
  • Hooter's San Bruno - yeah, I know it's not in the City, but it's near the home of Pablo Sandoval. Yes, the Panda is a Hooter's fan and has been seen here with Andres Torres too.
If you know of other places, list them under the comments section.

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