Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saying goodbye to some players for 2012

We took a glance at some contracts that expire after the 2011 season, and we project that these players will not be resigned or in the case of Jonathan Sanchez will be traded before the 2012 season. While the savings will amount to $27.8 million, the net gain will be $17.3 million due to built-in raises to a number of players for 2012. Plus Lincecum will go to arbitration after this season as well.

Miguel Tejada $6.5 million
Cody Ross $6.3 million
Mark DeRosa $6 million
Jonathan Sanchez $4.8 million
Andres Torres $2.2 million
Mike Fontenot $1.05 million
Pat Burrell $1 million

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jossy said...

The thing is who will still be with us--Rowand, Zito,, Huff and Freddie Sanchez--nice player but very fragile!