Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trivia: Which Division I baseball program had the most players in the Major Leagues in 2010?

Miami? LSU? USC? Texas? Florida State? WRONG!!

The Division I program that had the most Major Leaguers appear in the 2010 season was ... Long Beach State with 16 players. Shocker, right?! In recent years, the Giants have drafted a number of former Dirtbags too ... the most notable one to actually play in San Francisco was John Bowker. Others in the farm system have included Todd Jennings (C) and Brian Anderson (RHP).

Long Beach State players that appeared in the Bigs in 2010 (listed by MLB debut)
Jason Giambi - Rockies
Bobby Crosby - Pirates
Jeremy Reed - Blue Jays
Paul McAnulty - Angels
Jason Vargas - Mariners
Jered Weaver - Angels
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
John Bowker - Giants/Pirates
Evan Longoria - Rays
Marco Estrada - Brewers
Andrew Carpenter - Phillies
Cesar Ramos - Padres
Brad Davis - Marlins
Vance Morley - Phillies
Danny Espinosa - Nationals
Bob Cramer - A's

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