Wednesday, December 29, 2010

25-man roster

I know we have another three plus months before the 2011 season starts, but what if the season started today what would our 25-man roster look like? Well, according to's depth chart, our roster would look like this ...

Starting position players (8):
C: Buster Posey
1B: Aubrey Huff
2B: Freddy Sanchez
SS: Miguel Tejada
3B: Pablo Sandoval
LF: Mark DeRosa
CF: Andres Torres
RF: Cody Ross

Starting rotation (5):
Tim Lincecum
Matt Cain
Jonathan Sanchez
Madison Bumgarner
Barry Zito

Bench (6):
Mike Fontenot (INF)
Pat Burrell (OF)
Aaron Rowand (OF)
Nate Schierholtz (OF)
Travis Ishikawa (1B)
Eli Whiteside (C)

Bullpen (6):
Brian Wilson (R)
Jeremy Affeldt (L)
Sergio Romo (R)
Santiago Casilla (R)
Javier Lopez (L)
Ramon Ramirez (R)

So, at first glance, my initial reactions are: 1. where's Dan Runzler? 2. We have too many outfielders 3. Infield depth is lacking, even with DeRosa as an utility guy. Again, this roster is assuming if we started the season today. So having said that, I think it's clear Nate Schierholtz will not be part of this club in 2011, there is no room for him; and I assume a major shakeup is going to happen with our starting rotation because Runzler has to be on this roster - so the odd man out just might be Jonathan Sanchez. FYI, the Giants have stated that Runzler could be a possible starter. Perhaps, a Schierholtz/Sanchez trade for an infielder and prospects? What do you think?

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walterworld said...

I like Sanchez but wouldn't mind if we parted ways with him, especially for a good young position player.

He still makes me nervous every time he goes out because you never know which Jonathan you are getting:

'Mr. Lack-Of-Concentration'