Thursday, March 13, 2014

Introducing our 2014 Sons of Johnnie LeMaster Shirt

Finally, the day has arrived. Today, we received shipment of our 2014 shirts. In years past, we created the "LeMaster" shirt, the "BOO" shirt, and an ill-fated "Sign Melky to a Contract" shirt. This year, we wanted to mix things up, and chose the legendary quote by Bruce Bochy when he informed Brandon Belt that he had made the 25-man roster in 2011. For those of you that don't remember, the scene was captured from the TV series, "The Franchise." In Bochy's office at AT&T Park, Bochy informed Belt that he made the team. Overcome with emotion, Belt started to get a bit watery-eyed and was lost for words. It was that moment, that Bochy said, "You need a beer? Grab a beer." Voila, TV gold was instantly made. So, to honor that moment, that quote is on the back of our 2014 shirts! Also new for this year is the shirt itself. In years past, we chose the Hanes 100% cotton tees, but this year we decided to support California-made tees, so we had them printed on American Apparel shirts. Slightly lighter, a bit more stylish, but still the cool Sons of Johnnie LeMaster shirt!

In accordance with our policy, NONE of our shirts are for sale. We simply give them away to deserving and like-minded diehard SF Giants fans. As usual, we have a limited supply of shirts since we flipped the bill for them, so we're gonna be picky on who gets one. Do you deserve a shirt? Tell us why? (at bare minimum, you should be following us on Twitter and Instagram)

Good Luck!

Close up of the back of the shirt

Back of the shirt

Front of the shirt


Paddy said...

Perfect! That's one hell of a shirt, honoring a great Boch quote! I would love to have one.

As for the die-hard Giants fan cred, well:

1) Fan since early '60s. First big thrill I remember well was '65--down to the wire against the Dodgers after the Giants ran off a 14-game winning streak in September (only to fail in the end, and thus began the character-building of this particular Giants fan...).

2) Honeymooned @ Spring Training in '83.

3) One son named after Will Clark. Think I posted the story before--came home from hospital without a name yet (weird, I know), that evening was '86 opening day, we all know what Clark did, and as he's rounding third my wife turns to me and says "Will's a pretty good name." Done. I also tried to name the prior son Jack, but she didn't go for that. Woulda had both 22's.

4) Started taking kids to Giants games young, the first when he was 3 weeks old (waited maybe a month or so for the other two) ugly mess of a game against the Padres, but at least we won. Thus ended up raising three more die-hard Giants fans in the East Bay, despite their friends taunting them throughout their childhoods for not being A's fans. Now aged 30-24, and going to Giants games with them is still our favorite thing to do with each other.

5) I still love Candlestick. So do my kids. They gave me an old Candlestick street sign this Christmas, the green one with the silhouettes of the baseball & football players on it.

6) One of my proudest pieces of Giants gear is my Boo SOJLM shirt. Honest. I loved those mostly crappy early 80s teams for some reason--it was my mid-20s, I didn't have kids yet, seats were cheap & good, and I went to lots & lots of games...and since very few others were going to them, the Stick was absolutely OUR house. It was a truly great time.

7) I still end up with tears streaming down my face when I watch 2010 highlights. PTSD I think, from waiting all my life for that.

8) My wife had a bobblehead made of me in a Giants jersey & kind of creeps me out it's so realistic, but it nonetheless occupies center-spot on our mantle (see it on my Goggle+ profile paddy.e)

9) I'm truly sorry I never got you the Melky shirt I promised you that my sons were going to make, but they weren't as quick as you at getting theirs done, and well, then things happened...

Thanks for your consideration.

@Paddy_e on Twitter
PaddyoBerk on Instagram

Jay88 said...

Heck yeah I'd like to grab a Bochy Beer shirt! Giants fan since '78 here...have same b-day as Willie Mays...caught a home run hit into the new left field bleachers during that wild comeback against Atlanta in April '93...was lucky enough to be in attendance for Dave Dravecky's comeback win over the Reds in '89...still have my black Giants giveaway day "jacket" from '81...still remember listening to a game from '83 against Houston where Johnnie Lee homered twice (thought he should have been an all-star that year for his defense alone)...thought it was a big deal back in the day anytime a Giants home game was televised (pre-Giants Vision days). Will definitely miss Candlestick.

Thanks for your consideration,
@jessfernandez44 on twitter

Jay88 said...

Also following on Instagram as jessf44

MikeDoc said...

I could go on for days, but here are some highlights

• Dad took me to my 1st game at the stick and saw McCovey go yard

• Got a Straw Hat Pizza batting helmet from a stadium giveaway as a kid and painted a #8 on it because of Joe Morgan

• Tailgated at the tower in before Giants games at the stick and after games til they shut the gates

• Was at the last Giants' playoff game ever at the stick. Devo hits a grand slam and thus began the never ending hatred of the Marlins.

• I was at the Brian Johnson game

• I still don’t like talking about 1998. The unspeakable year.

• Boo'd Deion from the bleachers when he went to the Cowboys

• Was at the last Giants' game at the stick when the helicopter took home plate to Pac Bell.

• Volunteered for the Yes on B campaign that brought us Pac Bell park.

• Season ticket holder at both the stick and Pac Bell. 20 game you pick ‘em plan got you post season rights.

• I saw the biggest hit in Pac Bell history at the time JT homers off of Benitez. Then there was Lofton in 2002, Uribe sac fly in 2010, Pence’s broken bat double in 2012.

• My son was a week and a half away from being the World Series Baby.

• Last but definitely not least... BEAT LA!

Thanks for listening and Go Giants!

Twitter follower @MikeDoc
Instgram follower captsolo

Adam Barasch said...

I have been a Giant's fan my entire life and have many memories over the years. My fondest memories are growing up at Candlestick Park going to games with my Dad and Grandfather, seeing Willie Mac's last home game, watching Dave Dravecky's return, and being a season ticket holder the last few years when my brother in law and I were adults. My kids were both introduced to the Giant's at Candlestick Park and are now life long Giant's fans. Although I am no longer a season ticket holder, I go to about a dozen games each year. I dislike the Dodgers even though some of my closest fans support the Dodgers. Having endured the low times of the 70's and 80's as well as the heart break of the 1989 and 2002 World Series', I like many shed a tear when the Giants finally won in 2010. I have followed you on Twitter for quite a while because I think that we all have a little Johnnie Lemaster in us if we are true Giant's. I also Love the quote on this years shirt and although my family does not remember that quote, I chuckle every time I hear it played on Murph and Mac in the morning because I think it defines Bochy. As I retweeted to you last night, I would love to have that shirt.

Adam Barasch said...

Twitter follower @abarasch

Steve said...

Love that shirt!
Yep, another lifer here. Favorite player of all time? Terry Whitfield
I got to my first game via the good grades program back in the 70s. My first date with my wife of 22 years - yep, Giants game.
Driving to all those games at the stick w/ my older brother who would down 7 or 8 beers and somehow get us home.
And - the World Series wins... they still seem like a dream. I won the Giants' Twitter contest for the RomoBomb and won tix to both games in 2012. Luckiest moment of my entire life - it was pure magic.
IG: sirenman9

Mrs. Fink said...

I have been a Giants fan since I was four years old in 1983. I became a fan of the Giants due to their orange baseball/script logo - I had baseball wallpaper in my bedroom, and the cool Giants logo of the late 70's/early 80's was right next to my pillow.

I live in New York, so each year I travel to see the Giants on the road, whether they are in New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, or (years ago) in Montreal.

We first visited the Giants at Candlestick in the Opening weekend of 1990, when they were honoring the 1989 pennant-winning team, as well as the victims of the earthquake.

My first visit to AT&T Park was last year on Opening Day, to see the World Champs raise to Championship banner.

Greystoke23 said...

I don't just want one of those shirts... I NEED one of those shirts.

Why am I deserving? I'll avoid all the normal "I'm a long time die hard fan" noise. I'm 42 years old and just converted half of my garage beer fridge into a kegerator just in time for opening day. While attempting to relive my beer-guzzling college days, nothing says baseball like the orange and black and a frosty cold one.

Throw a shirt my way and the beer is on me when you visit the 925.


A Byers said...

This shirt is the best thing I have ever seen!

1. My first Giants game was a Giants-Dodgers game at Candlestick where I sat in the bleachers with my dad surrounded by Dodgers fans. They all ended up getting arrested for being too drunk. Probably the best way for a young child to be introduced to the game.

2. I am an only child/daughter - while my mother was not happy about it, my dad taught me to love baseball after his grandfather taught him. We've listened to/watched almost every game together. Going to Candlestick/AT&T was a huge deal when I was younger, because we were only able to go once, maybe twice, a season for a variety of reasons. Even though I live in the Midwest at the moment, my father and I talk to eachother throughout each game.

4. I used to get in trouble alot when I was younger with my mother because she would catch me listening to the games in bed when I was supposed to be asleep.

5. I've converted my less-than-interested best friend into a huge Giants fan.

6. I was an Irish Dancer who performed on the field at AT&T 3 times - even the day before Cain threw his perfect game.

7. I watched the play by play of game 5 of the NLDS in 2012 during my law school lecture, and I had to go out into the hall to celebrate the Posey homerun.

8. This Bochy saying is what my dad says to me whenever I call him. Without fail, before we say goodbye, he says, "Need a Beer? Grab a Beer." It's our favorite saying.

9. I listen to the broadcasts late at night while doing my homework. Law school can wait, I need to hear what Kruk and Kuip are rapping about.

10. I skipped my freshman year homecoming dance so I could watch Game 1 of the 2002 World Series. I still hate rally monkey.

11. My favorite current Giant is Javier Lopez. All time? Robb Nen.

12. I'm still bitter about the Giants trading Joe Nathan.

While many of my Giants memories haven't taken place at the ballpark, I bleed black and orange 24/7. From the snow cap I wear during the winter, to the SF bumpersticker on my car, I live and die with the Giants. This shirt is the epitome of my fandom, and I would love to have one.

Thanks for reading!

'Stick said...

What is your twitter handle?

A Byers said...


Kyle Douglas said...

I'm a Giants fan now living in enemy territory (LA), but that doesn't hold me back. I fly up for at least a dozen games a year. Even living in LA, I've only missed 1 opening day in SF in the last 15 years and that's only because I was being treated for throat cancer and had chemo/radiation treatments. Made it up for every postseason game in 2002, 2010, 2012.
I will wear this shirt with pride this Sunday night to Dodger Stadium when we whack the Dodgers in front of a national audience.


M Brown said...

Great Shirt...heres a summary of my Love for the Giants.

--Fan since birth, endured 41 years in Indiana following the Giants anyway possible, via old school Sat in the 80's, computer, XM Radio, MLB TV and Direct TV Extra Innings. LOOONG Nights up with the time change watching them win or lose.

--Spent alot of my childhood at Riverfront, 3 Rivers and Wrigley watching the Giants.

--Talked wife into spending honeymoon at AT&T park for a few games.

--Middle name of my youngest son is Mays

--Went to Game 5 of the 2010 World Series in Texas..on really short notice. Got to work that morning, said heck with this, booked plane ticket and rental car and was on the plane at noon heading that way. Stayed up all night celebrating..almost missed return flight home.

--Went to Game 3 in Detroit. Froze my butt of and spent whole time being verbally abused by Tiger fans. Once again stayed up all night celebrating. Bonus points..I drug a Red Sox fan with me, he now is a converted Giants fan

--Attend Giants fantasy camp annually

--Will be making my 4th trip out to San Francisco to watch the Giants beat the Reds in June.

--Last but not the 3 B's the Shirt represents..Beer, Bochy and Belt

Thanks...GO GIANTS

Jackie Lenci said...

I'm sick and tired of every time Buster is up at bat my husband asks for a beer! If I had a shirt I could tell him to to "READ MY SHIRT!"

JGO said...

I am a lifelong fan and have been at Candlestick for some beautiful memories. Giants over the Cubs playoff game with the Thrill taking over. B. Johnson beating the filthy Doyers. Final game with the chopper removing the plate on a classic beautiful day at the stick. I also was their when the talk of leaving SF for St. Pete. I have basked in the Glory of Pac Bell Park and refuse to ever call by any other name. I have had the heartbreak of the earthquake series and 02 versus the Angles. The sheer ecstasy of 2010 and 2012. This is just a sample of what it means to be a Giants fan and the character that we all share. I would be thrilled to have a beautiful Sons of J LE shirt and would wear it proudly.

Mark Condit said...

I deserve a 2014 Sons of Johnnie LeMaster due to my ownage of a photo from a 1982 game with an old man playing the ol' dollar bill on a string trick - my buddy Dan and I watched the whole game as he tricked kids, grown men, old women, . . everybody - and when he yanked that string he cracked up laughing. If I can figure out how to upload the photo I'm a shoe in . . . wish me luck and GO GIANTS ! ! ! !

Stephen Nordbye said...

As a young kid back in the mid 80's I followed the lead my father and grandfather set for me and I LOVE the giants. I remember listening to games on the radio with them and hearing my grandpa just blast Lemaster for just about anything he would do. The guy just couldn't do anything right.
One year, I am sure with the prodding of my dad, Lemaster hit a home run (at least in my head it was a home run), I picked up the phone and called grandpa. When he answered I said "grandpa did you hear that, I think Laster has been working out in the off season, this is going to be his year". At that point grandpa was speechless.