Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ranking the 2014 SF Giants Stadium Giveaways (SGA)

Not sure where to start, but this has to be the worst promotional schedule that we’ve seen released by the Giants in years! The list is uninspiring, and only a few giveaways are must-haves that will create buzz among the faithful. Not sure what the thinking was by the Giants marketing group, but this is embarrassing. We guess missing the playoffs does that - create a promo schedule that lacks any excitement. So, as in year’s past, we’ve taken the liberty to rank the promo giveaways based on appeal and estimated demand. Here we go ...

The Must-Haves: Is the bobblehead giveaway slowly going away? Usually, the Giants are good for at least six or seven giveaways each year, but 2014 only lists four bobbleheads - only three are current players. Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt, and Brandon Crawford will be featured in ’14, along with Duane Kuiper. We’re surprised that Angel Pagan wasn’t included, but perhaps his stint on the DL in 2013 might have been a factor - he just didn’t play. Continuing the trend set last season, bobbleheads will be given away to the first 40,000 fans, so at least the club maintained that.

  • Hunter Pence Bobblehead, First 40,000 fans (Wednesday, April 8 vs. Arizona)
  • 1954 Giants World Series Replica Ring, First 20,000 fans (Saturday, April 26 v. Cleveland)
  • MadBum Camo Cap, First 20,000 fans (Saturday, June 14 vs. Colorado)
  • Brandon Belt or Brandon Crawford Bobblehead, First 40,000 fans (Saturday, June 28 vs. Cincinnati)

Cool, I want one: These items feature some of the standard items, shirts, towels, and fedora.

  • Giants Scarf, First 20,000 fans (Thursday, April 10 vs. Arizona)
  • Duane Kuiper Bobblehead, First 40,000 fans (Friday, April 25 vs. Cleveland)
  • Tim Lincecum Orange Friday Jersey T-Shirt, First 20,000 fans (Friday, May 16 vs. Florida)
  • Giants Fedora, First 20,000 fans (Saturday, May 17 vs. Florida)
  • Hello Kitty Giants Plush, First 20,000 fans (Sunday, June 8 vs. New York) *we’re not fond of this giveaway, but a certain demographic is extremely excited for this giveaway.

Eh, I'll take one, but I won't wait in line for it: These items are standard on almost every promo schedule, the calendar, magnet schedule, adjustable cap, etc.

  • Opening Day Calendars, First 40,000 fans (Tuesday, April 8 vs. Arizona)
  • Sports Bag, First 20,000 (Saturday, April 12 vs. Colorado)
  • Magnet Schedule, First 20,000 fans (Monday, April 8 vs. Colorado)
  • Giants Cap, First 20,000 fans (Saturday, May 24 vs. Minnesota)
  • Giants BBQ Apron, First 20,000 fans (Sunday, May 25 vs. Minnesota)
  • Giants Beach Towel, First 20,000 fans (Monday, May 26 vs. Minnesota)
  • Giants Father’s Day Necktie, First 20,000 fans (Sunday, June 15 vs. Colorado)

So there you have it ... the 2014 Giants promo schedule - it's bland and boring, and we can only hope that the club will add some more creative items before the season starts.

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