Friday, January 25, 2013

Network Baseball Theme Music

The other day, we saw a replay of the 1989 NLCS featuring our beloved SF Giants and the Chicago Cubs. In 1989, the NLCS was aired on NBC Sports, and for years they had a baseball theme music that started and ended every broadcast. Growing up, whenever we heard that music, we knew a baseball game was about to start on the television set ... it was baseball's version of Pavlov's dogs. When NBC lost their rights to broadcast Major League games, we grew up listening to the baseball theme music of other networks. 

Some of the other theme music were pretty good, but for our money the NBC baseball theme will always resonate with us as being the best. Listed below are the respective network baseball theme music ... take a listen, which one is your favorite?

NBC Sports - Baseball Theme

ABC Sports - Baseball Theme

CBS Sports - Baseball Theme

FOX Sports - Baseball Theme

ESPN - Baseball Theme

This Week in Baseball - Baseball Theme

CSN Bay Area - Giants/A's Theme

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