Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baseball is a business, just ask Tim Lincecum

Not breaking news, but if you've watched Tim Lincecum this spring, you've probably noticed a slight difference. And no, it's not the increasing use of his slider. As Mars Blackmon would say, "it's gotta be the shoes!"

Yup, looks like Timmy has changed his footwear supplier. For years, Timmy wore Reebok cleats and you might have noticed in years past that he would cut out the logo of his Giants undershirt because it had the Nike Swoosh logo. Well, it's look like Timmy and Reebok have parted ways because he's wearing Nike cleats this season. I first noticed this on the first televised spring training game, and saw that Timmy didn't cut out the Nike Swoosh logo from the collar of his undershirt.

It wouldn't surprise me at all, if Nike has some promo events lined up with Timmy at their Nike store near Union Square later this year.

Timmy sportin' the Reebok cleats during the World Series

Timmy rockin' the Nike cleats during spring training

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