Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tickets to AT&T Park


What are the best seats and what is the best method in getting tickets? A question often asked by fans visiting from out of the area.

Quite frankly, I like any seat in the lower level, not a bad seat in the house and you're close to the action. I have never liked the upper deck at any stadium, so I'm not fond of the upper deck at AT&T Park. The upper deck is nice and views are good, BUT IT' STILL THE UPPER DECK!

The Club level (the middle section) is suppose to be great too. I haven't been to the game in the Club level before, but I have walked up the Club concourse and it's a great vantage point. Conversely, tickets are expensive for this section.

Bleachers - my personal favorite. I have season tickets in the bleachers and it's close to everything. The field, concession, express restrooms and entrance/exit gates. Plus the fans are more into the game in the bleachers, so you have some real die-hards that you see at every game.

The best way to obtain tickets is to check the Giants website ... see what's available. At this point, most of the tickets will be in the upper deck. Other places to check are eBay, Craigslist SF, Stubhub and Double Replay page on the Giants website.

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